About The Platform
About The Platform

Advancing Marginalised Narratives

A platform for new writers, researchers and campaigners

The Platform is a comment site offering a space for critical and creative global exchange – to understand ourselves and the world we live in. We want to give our international community of writers the stage to engage with a readership and define the issues that matter through original and quality journalism.

We believe that everyone has the right to an opinion, and we aim to promote an online space of empowerment. We want to champion ethical campaigns, bring minority affairs and insights to the forefront, and celebrate invigorating commentary on the diverse spectrum of arts and culture.

Writers range from young to mature commentators who include among them leading academics, specialists, journalists and politicians, along with insightful contributions from up-and-coming writers, generating a rich exchange of ideas.

We publish an array of written treasures including in-depth analysis, shorter features and round-ups, and occasionally, poetry and photo galleries.

If you’d like to submit a piece, please read our writers’ guidelines.

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Twitter: @YourPlatformUK

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What We Believe


Providing regular commentary and analysis on politics, world, society, arts and spirituality

Working together with writers to nurture talent and creativity

Seeking strong analysis from expert writers at specialist and grassroots levels

Unravelling global issues through global voices

Presenting unheard views and stories from local, minority, and faith-based communities

Showcasing faces, places, campaigns, arts, films and culture on the fringe


Striving for a free press

A commitment to working with writers to nurture and develop their skills

Transparency and integrity both within the organisation and in our online coverage of news and events

Encouraging humanity, equality, diversity and sustainability through coverage

Covering and celebrating culture beyond traditional media

A commitment to innovation in both online and citizen journalism

Meet the Team
Zainab Rahim and L Amatullah
Contact: editor@the-platform.org.uk

Politics & Society
Editor: Raashid Riza
Contact: politics@the-platform.org.uk

Editor: Sharaiz Chaudhry
Contact: spirituality@the-platform.org.uk

Editor: Tijen Horoz
US Editor: Theodora Danylevich
Contact: world@the-platform.org.uk

Editors: Louis Bayman (Film) and Taslima Begum
Contact: culture@the-platform.org.uk

Feature Development
Eyad Abuali
S U Ahmad

Editorials Manager
A W Khan

Picture Editor
Anja McLoughlin

Social Media Team
Leila Alrayes
Noor Rahim
Samera Hassan
Samia Gundkalli
Taslima Begum

Copy Editors
Elizabeth Skinner
Farah Fayyaz
Fatimah Ramzy
Hussain Abdullah
Josh Casserly
Joshua Williams
Saadia Ghazi
Samera Hassan
Sarah Williams
Shireen Hilmi
Uzma Ali

For comments, suggestions and to become a writer for us, please send an email to editor@the-platform.org.uk, with ‘new writer’ in the subject heading. Please see our writers’ guidelines page. Thank you.

The views expressed within the content of The Platform are solely those of the authors and contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of The Platform.

Co-Founders of The Platform: Zainab Rahim, L Amatullah and Mujibul Islam